Selective Pallet Rack

Selective Rack
  • The most popular type of material handling storage system
  • The lowest cost per storage location
  • Provides the highest number of indiavidual pallet “pick faces” and access to each storage location
  • Available in both roll-formed and structural (Structuroll®) configurations
  • Very easy to reconfigure to match changes in customer needs
Double-Deep Rack
  • System designed to store pallets two deep per position
  • Half the number of aisles of a selectiverack system
  • Most popular when storage of multiple pallets of the same material is required, without the need for access to individual pallets at all times
  • Requires specialized lift trucks to reach back and retrieve rear-position pallets
  • Dense storage system
Features & Benefits
Single Rib Column Design: Adds to strength and rigidity. 4 x 2.5” open-back frames and standard sizes of closed column frames also available for high capacity applications. Steel-Clad® column impact resistance system available for all frames.
Tapered Keyhole Slots: Pulls beam against frame for maximum stability.
Three high strength buttonhead studs on beam connector plates: More strength with less weight. Extra safe connection & snug fit. Less stress on components than slot & hook connections.
One-piece tube seamed step beams: No exposed welds, which can damage pallets.
Integrated beam connector safety locks: Patented, self-engaging design is secure and easy to use & reposition. Factory welded to the beam connector plate - no loose parts.
Powder coat baked polyester finish: Scratch resistant, high gloss finish. Ideal for all food & most industrial corrosive applications.
Interchangeable product design: EXCEL rack is compatible with most "teardrop" design pallet racks.
Quick & Easy Assembly: Saves time & money. No loose bolts and nuts.
Return bends on all open-back design frame members: No sharp exposed edges. Great for many retail applications.
RMI R-Mark certification: R-Mark certification represents Excel's compliance with the latest design, safety and international standards established by the Rack Manufacturers Institute for industrial steel storage racks.
Factory Support: Large enough to handle any size job. Small enough for the personal services that most companies cannot provide.
Stock rack for immediate requirements: Warehouses and stocking dealers around the country with a large selection of popular size racks.
Full range of capacities & sizes from hand-loaded bulk rack to your heaviest applications: One source for all your storage needs. Complete turn-key including design, manufacture, delivery, installation and implementation.

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