High Speed Push-Off

Used for 90° transfers when package specifications allow product to be pushed from side. Can also be used to divert packages from one lane to another in parallel conveyors lanes.

Cycles – Up to 40 times per minute, up to 24" stroke only, at 80 psi.
Air cylinder – 2" bore double actinf, automatic return, with jam protection.
Air requirements – Minimum pressure 60 psi; maximum 125 psi. Free air consumption at 60 psi - .235 cu. ft. per cycle for 20" stroke, .355 cu. ft. for 30" stroke.
Valve – Single solenoid 4 way, automatic return valve, 1/2" - NPT valve ports; filter-regulator included.
Electrical requirements – 120 V, single phase, 60 Hz. Current draw .07 amps.
Electrical controls – PLC included.
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