Heavy Duty Chain Driven Live Roller 70'-47", HEAVY DUTY CHAIN DRIVEN LIVE ROLLER

Conveyor Length 70 ft
Conveying Surface Width 47 in
Width between Rail 51 in
Overall Frame Width 55 in
Weight 11995 lb
Speed Constant 30 fpm
Motor 2 hp 230/460-3-60 TE motor
Capacity per Foot Max. 2000 lb
Note 1Based on 6" Roller Centers
  • Heavy duty conveying
  • Positive drive
  • Pallets
  • Heavy drums
  • Reversible drums

Bed – 6" x 8.2 lb. and 8" x 11.5 lb. powder painted structural channel frame with powder painted structural channel cross braces in each section. Sections are 5 feet long and bolted together with butt couplings and floor supports.
Tread rollers – 3 1/2" diameter x .30 wall steel tread rollers spaced on 6" or 12" centers, No. 80 sprockets, 1 1/16" hex shaft.
Drive chain – No. 80 roller chain.
Floor supports – Heavy duty structural supports are fixed at 18" elevation from floor to top of roller. One support at each end of conveyor and at each bed joint.
Center drive – Mounted below conveyor bed section. Can be placed most anywhere in conveyor length.
Bearings – Removable, sealed, prelubricated ball bearings.
Chain guard – Lower chain guard is mounted on bottom of roller frame, and upper chain guard is mounted above roller frame to totally enclose drive chain.
Speed reducer – C-face mounted heavy duty worm gear reducer.
Capacity – Not to exceed Load capacity.

Available Options
- Side Mounted Drive: Motor/Reducer unit can be mounted to side of conveyor frame for lower elevations. Drive is higher than conveyor frame.
- Conveyor Speed: 30 feet per minute is standard. Other constant, and variable, speeds are available.
- Rollers Set Low: Rollers can be set low in conveyor frame to provide a guard rail effect.