Full Width Carton Flow Roller system is the answer to carton flow maintenance headaches. It installs easily with no hardware and the damage resistant full-width aluminum rollers provide the flow you need in applications that are very active.

Fully assembled units simply drop into the racking system with integrated brackets for slope adjustment. Once installed, the tracks rest below the beam level in the front for maximum storage and a useful product stop. The versatile units will fit into all pallet rack manufacturers' products and will even install on structural racking with the use of an easy-to-install bracket.

The integrated support bracket is pre-assembled on the roller units and will drop beams placed at varying levels to create a slope towards the pick aisle and promote smooth product flow. Split-case or full-case picking can be done by adding units to any pallet rack application, and full pallets can even be stored above. Utilize the full vertical stocking space and improve efficiency by storing pallets and cases within the same bay.