Bed Length 52 ft
Overall Length 55 ft
Belt Width 16 in
Width bethween Frames 33 in
Overall Width 36 in
Weight 3250 lb
Driving Belt Material black PVC 120 belt
Standard Color ACSI Green
ACSI White
ACSI Dark Blue
ACSI Black
Motor 1/2 hp 230/460-3-60 TE motor
Belt Speed Constant 60 fpm
Load Capacity at 1 1/2 hp 1900 lb
Load Capacity at 2 hp 3300 lb
Capacity per Foot1 150 lb
Note 1Not to exceed Load Capacity.
  • Accumulates tote pans, cartons, boxes etc.
  • Minimum back pressure

Bed – 7" x 1 1/2" x 12 gauge powder painted formed steel channel frame,bolted together with butt couplings and floor supports.
Tread rollers – 1.9" diameter x 16 gauge galvanized steel rollers spaced on 2 1/4", 3", 4 1/2" or 6" centers. Safety pop-out design prevents damage to product or harm to personnel if caught between belt and tread rollers.
Pressure rollers – 1.9" diameter x 16 gauge galvanized steel rolled spaced on 6:, 9",= or 12: centers, cam adjusted.
X-bracing – Frame squaring device supplied on conveyors 40 feet and longer on every other bed section. X-bracing insures good product and belt tracking.
Tail pulley – 4" diameter crowned with 1 3/16" shaft.
Snub roller – 2 1/2" diameter adjustable, located directly behind drive pulley. 2" diameter at each end directly behind terminal pulleys.
Return idlers – 1.9" diameter adjustable on 10' 0" centers.
Floor supports – 31 1/2" to 45 1/2" adjustable from floor to top of rollers. One support supplied at each end of conveyor and at each bedjoint.
Take-Up– Located in center drive, provides 24" of belt take-up.
Bearings – Sealed and pre-lubricated with cast iron housings.Speed reducer – C-face mounted heavy duty worm gear reducer.