Travel 21.25 in
Capacity 1500 lb
Lowered Height 8.75 in
Raised Height 30.00 in
Platform Size 30 x 51 in
Ship Weight 450 lb

EZU Series Pneumatic Lift Tables are the convenient way to use air to raise, lower, and position a load. Pneumatic lifts contain no electrical or hydraulic components. They require little maintenance and provide the ideal tool where cleanliness is a must and where sparkscan be hazardous.

Standard Features
  • Firestone Airstroke Actuator raises and lowers the table platform to vertically position the load to the desired height
  • Durable and attractive polyester powder coating adds life and superior corrosion resistance to the finish
  • Heavy-duty structural steel construction with rugged base frame
  • Entrapped rollers on base and platform for added stability
  • Dual attached maintenance blocks
  • High quality brass hand lever controls allows easy operation
  • Clean design with minimum of maintenance needed
  • Fork truck transportable without the need for additional options

Optional Accessories
  • Rotator Ring Brake
  • Accordion Bellows Skirting
  • Semi-Live Portability
  • Oversize Platform (Non-Rotating) up to 48” x 72” For Surface Mounting Only
  • Rotating Platform - Solid Rectangular (44x44/44x48/48x48)
  • Hand Control Valve Stand

Note: Not recommended for applications requiring exact positioning of work loads.