Drive-In/Drive Thru Rack

Drive-In and Drive-Thru racks eliminate the need for conventional traffic aisles and allow maximum use of the warehouse cube for high density pallet storage, floor-to-ceiling. Drive-In systems are designed for one-way forklift entry, permitting trucks to move in or out of rack bays freely to store incoming loads or retrieve outbound loads for shipment. Bays can be up to five pallet rows deep, and the system is ideally suited for last-in, first-out inventory management.

Drive-Thru systems have two access aisles for loading and retrieval. Forklifts can enter the rack bay from either aisle, placing loads for storage or retrieving loads-exiting the bay in the same direction of travel as entered. Drive-Thru systems will readily accommodate first in, first-out stock flow, an essential requirement in certain industries.

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