Accuglide Chain and Pad Driven Accumulation Conveyor

The Accuglide powered roller conveyor provides quiet, positive transportation and zero-pressure accumulation of cartons, totes, etc. in accumulation lines that may include both straight and curve sections. Accuglide is available with operational modes that allow for maximum output at the lowest possible speed, and integrates 24-volt photo-eye sensors with zone control modules to optimize product detection and flow.

The integration of 24-volt photo-eye sensors and zone control modules into Accuglide’s design provides the following benefits:

  • Easy zone control/power connections
  • Quick and easy conveyor release mode configuration
  • Sections delivered ready to install and run (sensors/control modules)
  • Micro connector power/communication connections
  • Safe low-voltage power supply requirements
  • Photo-eyes factory installed and aligned
  • Release rates available up to 95 %
  • Acceptance rates up to 100 %
  • Quiet non-contacting sensors
  • No product minimum weight limitation
  • Product minimum height 25 mm (1 in)

Simple, efficient roller chain (RC50 w/extended pins) and urethane driver pad are pneumatically raised to engage and power the carrier rollers. They are lowered to disengage power from the rollers when sensors detect the presence of product within the next downstream zone.

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