Frame Deep 7 in
Motor 3/4 hp 230/460-3-60 TE motor
Conveyor Speed Constant Roller 30 fpm
Frame – Heavy duty 7" deep x 4 gauge powder painted formed steel channel with heavy duty cross braces.
Rollers – 2 1/4" diameter x 11 gauge steel rollers, grease packed and labyrinth sealed bearings, 11/16" hex shaft. Rollers are spaced on 4" or 6"centers, set 2 1/4" low.
Floor supports – Adjustable 18 3/4" to 23 3/8" (HD-4) from floor to top of roller. For each end of conveyor and at each bed joint along with knee braces for each support. Supports on 5 foot centers, changes with zone lengthDrive – Located near center of conveyor length, shaft mount motor and reducer.
Drive chain – RC #40 chain used for roller to roller connections, RC #60 chain drives each zone. Chains are totally enclosed by metal guards.
Accumulation zones – Standard zone lengths are 60" long with a maximum of 30 zones per single drive. Each zone is driven by an air clutch and controlled by a photo eye sensor.
Electrical controls – 120 VAC input to power supply.
Capacity – 4000 pounds maximum unit load.
Speed reducer – Heavy duty, sealed worm gear, C-face.
Bearings – Sealed pre-lubricated with cast iron housings.
Sensing device – NEMA 1 photoelectric sensor in each zone detects presence of product and activates accumulation feature in trailing zone if upstream zone is occupied.
Power supply – 120 VAC power supply controls accumulation feature with 24 VDC output. Power supply will control 50 accumulation zones.