Type Straight Spur
Width bethween Frames 21 in
Overall Frame Width 24 in
A at 45º 36.75 in
A at 30º 49.5 in
B at 45º 35.25 in
B at 30º 48 in
C at 45º 25.1875 in
C at 30º 40.5 in
D at 45º 28.1875 in
D at 30º 43.5 in
Weight at 45º 178 lb
Weight at 30º 222 lb
Bed - Roller bed with 2-1/2" diameter tapered to 1-11/16" diameter x 14 gauge galvanized and 1.9" diameter x 16 gauge galvanized tread rollers. Mounted in 7" x 12 gauge powder painted formed steel channel frame.
Floor Supports - Adjustable 31-1/2" to 45-1/2" from floor to top of rollers. One support at ends of 190LSC (Curve), 190LSCS (Curve Spur) and 190LSS (Straight Spur). Single leg supplied for center of outside rail on 90° 190LSC only.
Slave Driven - Curves or spurs are slave driven from drive shaft of Model 190LS conveyor. Shafts are coupled by chain coupling at bed joints.
Drive Shaft - 1" diameter steel shaft extends full length of conveyor, coupled with universal joints ("U" joints) at necessary intervals.
Drive Spools- 2" diameter Delrin spool held in place on drive shaft with "snap-on" lock collars.
Drive Guard - Underside of drive shaft with spools and drive belts guarded full length of conveyor.
Drive Belts - 3/16" diameter urethane belt from drive spool to tread roller.
Bearings - Tread rollers, pre-lubricated ball bearings. Sealed, prelubricated, self-aligning ball bearings on drive shaft.
Butt Couplings - Standard for connecting to 190LS.